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How Estimates Are Determined

An estimate is just that — an estimate of the cost involved to safely repair your vehicle to pre-accident condition. Repair estimates vary depending on several factors including labor rates, parts prices, and the amount of time necessary to perform certain repairs, but the main elements are the initial estimate, the supplemental estimate, and an agreed price.

The Initial Estimate

Your claims representative will prepare an initial estimate so the repairs can begin. Your claims rep also can help you understand your choices to repair your vehicle. You can select your own repair shop, or, depending on where you live, you can choose a repair shop in our network or our concierge level of claims service.

The Supplemental Estimate

If the body shop you choose discovers additional damage when repairing your vehicle, your claims representative will re-inspect the vehicle. Re-inspection is not unusual — a vehicle involved in a crash may have damaged parts that are not visible when the initial estimate is written, but become visible once the repairs begin. At this point, the claims representative and the body shop representative review the damage to your vehicle together and make appropriate revisions to include all damaged parts that are found.

The Agreed Price

Our claims representatives write estimates based on parts and labor costs associated with the repair. If another body shop’s estimate are higher or lower than ours, your claims representative will discuss this difference with the shop, and they will agree on a price for repairs. Your claims representative will keep you informed of the repairs every step of the way.

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