Inside the Shop

Our newly renovated office with extra precautionary measures in place to keep our employees and customers safe. Masks are required for entry, we have a plexiglass barrier on the front desk, and we’ve enhanced our regular cleaning routines.
While we strive for quick and easy service, should customers need to wait for a ride or an estimate (or to stop in to say hi!), we have comfortable seating in a clean, modern environment.
Axalta’s fan decks allow us to precisely match any color. Each chip is sprayed with actual Cromax products for a real-life representation to help reduce mistakes. Along with this, decks are continually being updated in an effort to ensure ongoing accuracy as new color variants are introduced.
Some of the many different Axalta toners we use to ensure accurate color matching and application. Their waterborne coatings are designed to meet stringent environmental standards while providing better coverage with fewer coats than conventional products.