Schedule Your Estimate Appointment

Estimate appointments are available Monday-Thursday, 8:00AM-4:00PM and are strongly recommended so we can better serve you. We do offer same-day appointments, however, please be prepared with relevant insurance information if you are filing a claim for repairs.

Please note that we are currently scheduling repairs into late November and we can discuss options for getting you back on the road safely if you’re able to wait for final repairs after the initial estimate is approved. We appreciate your understanding, cooperation, and patience. Due to the extremely high demand for collision repairs, we are unable to accomodate extensive rust repairs, custom paint jobs, and non-automobile (motorcycles, bicycles, RVs/campers, etc) at this time.

An estimate is just that — an estimate of the cost involved to safely repair your vehicle to pre-accident condition. Repair estimates vary depending on several factors including labor rates, part prices and availability, and the amount of time necessary to perform certain repairs, but the main elements are the initial estimate, the supplemental estimate, and an agreed price. Learn more about our estimates…

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